atualização do superbox prime hd 2

Super Box Blade HD Black Series New Updates v1.74 22/09/17

Iks on SCS | 58W | 61W | 87.244


Telegram Original Control Prime II

Parent password Warning: The key signals are lost because the
Protocol updates the menu. Just update and find it.

Link: MediaFire

This update can be done through USB, but can only be performed in recovery mode.

Pendrive Format in FAT 32 and Paste-only updates Here are available here.
USB Prime II





Perform the steps on the recovery screen until you have already completed the update settings in the “Double” receiver’s dual “receiver
recovery mode on the remote control.

NOTE: Update
has changed and you are responsible for it.
We are not responsible for any problems.
Credits: Ivansat Team

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