configurar cinebox fantasia com duas antenas 2018


cinebox fantasia

Some people have problems with their CINEBOX receivers, but sometimes the problem is not in the system but in configuration mode. Correct procedure will improve receiver performance. Let’s start with

update. You should always do a factory reset before or after the update. It is also important that the DELAY configuration is always in ALL mode. If you have problems with VOD, IPTV and IKS, restart your modem and WiFi router. Always use a manual DNS server as described here. The new cinebox fantasia   has been retrofitted with new features and of course depending on where it is used it is forced to join the new wave of ISDBT terrestrial tuner receivers for digital programming. in the local area. This technology has been used before, and now you can use yourself as a digital converter with guardians if the receiver complies with the technology.
This new summer features a slight update and combines a WiFi-cut panel with a WiFi antenna. It has acquired a new, brightly colored border to separate from the new version by bypassing the built-in WiFi.

The new cinebox fantasia  Aderio is not only available for data processing, and of course, since a high-performance dual-core processor is not provided, it is very useful for the technology and the desired user. The best frame of the finisher is the best frame, but the picture presents better. The Internet media playback system will continue to operate. It can play videos from external devices like UBS, external HD and access YouTube through internet connection.
IPTV and VOD follow up with new CINEBOX series full of movies and series. Several other shortcuts on the new  cinebox fantasia  HD give you one-click remote access to adult applications and 3D web access. the
Ideal choice for expanding the channels on your TV and improving the quality and content of the programs and pictures you receive.

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