o que é acm e ccm

What is AKM? Will this change in SKS? 27/07/16

We are seeing a constant transfer of technology, and there is a lot of talk these days about ACM data communication technology, raising many doubts in the world of receivers among people.

from A to Z Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) is a new form of coding that optimizes bandwidth and dynamically changes transmission parameters. This has nothing to do with SKS receivers that currently have a DVBS2 tuner. Perhaps this will have some value in the future, as is the transition from DVBS to DVBS2. DVBS2 is only unlocked by receivers with new technology from SES 4 22w satellites (currently only SES4 uses DVBS2 TP keys). The
already has several options on the receiver market, including very cheap receivers that offer an ACM tuner option. Study well before buying a receiver! Here are some tips from Brothers of AZ.

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