o que significa canal codificado sky gato

⚠️ No video or encrypted channel

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📌 So the channel is encrypted (closed).
If it takes more than 8 seconds, it means that the server is not opening any systems or channels using IKS or SKS.

So always check the system you are using.

🔰 Make sure the IKS
device is physically connected to the network and the server is active.

🔰 To see the SKS
signal, you need to know what unlock satellite you are using and if the key is coming to unlock the channel.


❒ Antenna represents.
and your responsibility for local issues and resolution. If you do not know how to call

📌 Star Inspection 70W C2 / C4 GOSAT PLUS / GOSAT PRO
✅ Menu


Antenna Installation Select Style C2 (70W)

in Transponder and select these two TPS and see the signature and quality:
12500 H 29900
12080 V 29900

Both have an important% of% 80% and are better.

📌 SKS SKS Versat Plus / GOSAT PRO

✅ Menu

✅ Menu
Do not change the satellite of the second model.
Quality and signal should have a significant % above 80%, the higher the better.

📌 IKS Gosat Pro/Plus Status Check:

Make sure the receiver is physically connected to the network before performing this procedure.

✅Network Configuration

✅If using IP configuration.

⚠️If you are using WiFi
✅Set up a wireless network
✅Find a WiFi network

🛑Make sure you are actually connected to the network you want. If so, let’s check the server.

✅Service Menu

If the mode is SDS, change to IKS. Enter the server configuration.

⚠️ Left Control Button ◀ Move to Server 40

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