recovery duosat one nano hd travado em on


recovery duosat one nano hd new update 2022


Duosat recovery method is required to detect receptor estiver travado ou com bug irreversível. Siga os passos indicados abaixo.

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The brothers did AZ and Telegram
First uninstall “EromUpgrade.exe” to download the program.

After downloading the downloading page here and using the latest version of the model.

Conecte o receptor or PC usando cabo rs232;

Abra or EromUpgrade.exe;

Click Browse, for more information on recovering recovery, select the recovery solution for the model and the current system (install bootloader), click NEXT.

Ligue or the power of the receptor, activate the Kwenziwe palavistor, to download the Download and activation function for the receptor.

At 100% no Download process, click Next, to start the flash game process. (At the moment of the process of not being able to do anything, quench energy, pois corre or risco quan danificar a eprom);

At 100% of the production process, click on Finished, and then in the game.

Ligue cabos and faça ajuste de fabrica, mais configurações iniciais / pessoais.

Obs: Dura em media processor 10 minutes, após aparecer Done, press and release segundo até começar or Download.


Download the recovery loader

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