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tocomfree s929

tocomfree s929 SKS Calibration Button Update bug fix (Credit: Manuel Soares)Changelog: 63W . Download the update 44 in the image above, click on it It is important to do a factory reset before and after the update. Look . It is important to stay up to date with the latest updates for your receiver. It can be compressed. If so, use Winrar to extract it. If you don’t have the program installed, download it for Windows or Android. The new Changelog: 63W . HD is full of new features and of course I couldn’t resist joining the new wave of receivers with a terrestrial ISDBT tuner for local area digital programming depending on where it is. use

. In this technology has been used and now the receivers are compliant with the technology and they can be used as a digital converter by a ground tuner or called ISDBT. This new summer has achieved some improvements and comes with built-in WIFI in the board, just by twisting the WIFI antenna. It has acquired new contours with brighter colors to highlight the new version in addition to the built-in WIFI. In addition to this function, the newChangelog: 63W .

HD version, of course, cannot ignore the data processing and of course it is equipped with a high-performance processor in the DUAL CORE so that there is nothing to expect in terms of technology and user benefits.

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Its finishing is much better, it came with the old box but its presentation interface has been improved more. Your media player for the web continues. It is capable of playing videos from external devices such as: UBS, external HD and accessing YouTube through an Internet connection. IPTV and VOD continue in this new Changelog: 63W . series full of movies and series. Adult and 3D applications for internet access are accessible with one click on the remote control along with several other shortcuts of the new Changelog: 63W .The receiver is the perfect choice to expand the channels on your TV, using it also adds quality and content to the programs and pictures that come to you.

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