Azbox Transformar Cinebox 2022

Azbox Transformar Cinebox 2022

When it comes to digital devices, most people think of the things they already own when they hear the word Android—phones, tablets, maybe an internet-connected watch or two. But that isn’t all there is to Android! Android boxes are mini-computers that allow you to access the same things you would from your phone or tablet, except using your television instead of a display device like a smartphone or tablet.

1) Turn a Dresser Into an Entertainment Center
If you have a flat-screen TV, you may be wondering how to make room for it on your wall. If so, turning a dresser into an entertainment center is a great way to free up space on your wall while still keeping most of your storage space intact. Here’s how: 1) Dismantle dresser; 2) Paint; 3) Reassemble as an entertainment center with drawers and doors open; 4) Mount TV to backside of cabinet with drywall anchors. To hold cables, run them behind walls or conceal them in an existing ceiling corner or behind closet shelving—creative ideas like these can turn your little project into something truly special!

2) Upgrade a Mirror
Azbox takes advantage of a typical action when upgrading by automatically uploading new software to your cinebox. This process can take between 10 and 20 minutes to complete, but will not interrupt your viewing. Once your Azbox has successfully updated your cinebox with the latest software, it’s time to begin enjoying crystal clear digital TV. To ensure that you enjoy all of Azteca Ame´rica’s excellent programming, contact an installer today!

3) Create Storage Out of Old Bookshelves
One quick and cost-effective way to add storage is to repurpose old bookshelves, like these over on Apartment Therapy. The best part about these shelves is that you can customize them however you want based on your needs! You can create a wall of shelving, or even just one long shelf for your kitchen. For an added bonus, paint the bookshelves first for a custom look. To learn more about how to do it yourself, check out my handy how-to guide at More Than Burnt Toast.

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