ultima atualização cinebox fantasia maxx 2

Cinebox Fantasy Maxx 2


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OB: There are two download links in the file below. Select one of them and download the update. The latest updates are available from the receiver’s brother, AZ Web site to download updates alwaysMax 2

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If the update is compressed, Windows or Android.Novo Cinebox Fantasia Maxx 2 HD can be downloaded using WinRar in these links. Tuner Tuner Tuner ISDBT Locally, the tuner tuner was not entering a new wave of receptors with tuner tuner and clearly failed. Depending on the use of the area. This technology has already been used and you can now use yourself as a digital converter with tutor trolls if the receiver is adhered to technology.

This new summer has obtained a slight update and incorporates a plate that was cut with Wi-Fi with Wi-Fi antennas. He has won a new border in bright colors to break from the new version by exceeding the integrated Wi-Fi.

New Cinebox Fantasy Maxx 2 HD Aderio is not only available for data processing, and of course, because the high-performance processor of the dual core is not provided, it is useful for the desired technology and users. The finisher is doing its best, but the old frame is provided, but visual presentation is better. Internet media playback systems will continue to work. It can play videos from external devices such as UBS, external HD and YouTube access via internet network connection.

IPTV and VOD follow with CINEBOX’s new series full of movies and series. Several other shortcuts on the new CINEBOX FANTASIA MAXX 2 HD give you one-click remote control access to adult apps and 3D web access.
receiver is the perfect choice
 for expanding the channels on your TV and improving the quality and content of the programs and pictures you receive.

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